Fisher near Hale/Corzine Conservation Land

Ben sent in this trail camera photo of a fisher near the Hale/Corzine Conservation Land, taken late Christmas night.

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Bear sightings in Stow?

I met another kayaker at the new Sudbury Rd boat launch on the Assabet River today. He told me that last Sunday he was driving down the gravel road, returning from Crow Island, and a black bear jumped out and walked down the road in front of his car for a ways.

Has anyone heard any bear sightings around town? Apparently there have been bear sightings near the Nashoba winery in Bolton over the past few weeks.

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Monster Buck at Delaney

This mature buck left his scent all over a pine tree at the Delaney Wildlife Management Area, scraping up the ground and rubbing his scent all over the branches.

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Stow Raccoons

A few weeks ago I found a dead pickerel washed up on the shore, with a second tail sticking out of its mouth. It had tried to swallow a sunfish, and died with the fish lodged in its throat. There’s a lesson there, somewhere.

I moved the pickerel to a fallen log near the water’s edge, hoping to get some photos of whatever animals came along to devour it. The first raccoon on the scene dragged it off out of view of the camera. But the family of raccoons continued to visit the log, which probably picked up a fishy odor the first day. A mink and a grey fox made fleeting appearances.

Here’s a video compilation of the wildlife visits to the log over the course of two weeks.

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Eastern Screech Owl?

RJ writes:

I photographed this owl at 11pm tonight (Wed. Feb. 17) in my backyard near Lake Boon. Luckily he managed to sit still for a 6 second exposure.

From what I can gather, it’s an Eastern Screech Owl, Gray or Brown morph? (I’m no Ornithologist)

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Come “Hunt” for Deer on Stow Conservation Trust’s Fieldstone Loop Trail

The rut is on, and SCT’s Fieldstone property is a great place to look for deer. Hiking at dusk, we’ll maximize our chances of encountering wildlife as we walk the one mile loop trail. Families welcome, but no dogs this time. Meet at the trailhead at the end of Fieldstone Dr at 3:45PM on Sunday, Dec 4. We will enter the woods promptly at 4PM. Bring a flashlight for the walk out, and plan to do a thorough tick check when you get home. Email Dan Foster at to register so you don’t get left behind.

This video shows some of the deer activity taking place at Fieldstone in November, 2011. Watch a mature buck leave his scent at a scrape, and see does and a lesser buck pass by and investigate. As usual, a fisher stops by to check out the camera as well.

I saw one deer the day I placed the camera at Fieldstone, and four deer and a red fox on the day I retrieved it.

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Coyotes Scavenge a Deer Carcass at SVT’s Herene Reservation

Sudbury Valley Trustees has a small parcel of land between Elizabeth Brook and Rt. 117, across from Bose. Earlier this year, a deer was killed there (possibly hit by a car, or brought down by coyotes). This was a wet, humid location, and maggots stripped away the hide and remaining flesh within a week, finishing the job that coyotes had started. This video, taken over the following weeks, shows coyotes, raccoons, and a fisher visiting the bone pile left after the carcass had mostly been consumed.

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